The Kosovo Security Force (KSF) is a new, professional, multi-ethnic, lightly armed and uniformed Security Force that is subject to democratic, civilian control. The Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force (MKSF) is responsible for exercising civilian control over the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), including management and administration.  It comprises a mixture of civilian and KSF personnel and is accountable, through the Prime Minister, to the Kosovo Assembly.

Taking in consideration the sensitivity of communication channels in MKSF/KSF this project was initiated with the aim to achieve the highest level of network security with VoIP system. This system is used for secure (encrypted) internal communications between local offices in the ministry and between all barracks of KSF around Kosovo and it is integrated in the centralized system of KSF.  The VoIP is also advanced and supports call recording and call billing according to local rates.

INFOSOFT SYSTEMS offered and implemented an advanced and secure solution enabling the MKSF/KSF users take all the advantages this system has to offer. InfoSoft Systems engagement in this important project has been:

  1. To assemble, install and configure equipment in the required locations of MKSF/ KSF
  2. To install and configure GSM VoIP Gateway with current VoIP system of  MKSF/KSF
  3. To expand actual MKSF/KSF network and to integrate the solution according to the design
  4. To design, implement and configure firewalls to achieve higher network security in the network of MKSF/KSF
  5. To test the functionality of : Billing and Call Recording and testing the integration with actual VoIP system of MKSF/KSF
  6. To provide technical documentation and user manuals
  7. To train local staff
    1. Training IT staff for installation, configuration, administration and operation with Call Recording and Billing systems
    2. Training of 2 team members to become trainers for Call Recording and Billing systems.
    3. Training IT staff for installation, configuration, administration and operation with firewall equipment


Project duration

June 2015 – September 2015

Maintenance ongoing


The Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force (MKSF)

The Kosovo Security Force (KSF)

Technology used

Voice Gateway, IP Phone, Firewall, VOIP GSM Gateway, Call Recording Software, Call and Billing System