The electronic procurement system has been initially used in Albania in 2008 as a pilot project. 2008 was a decisive year because the outcome of this pilot project was very positive in different directions, mainly showing contribution toward the joint goal of Albanian government and foreign partners to fight corruption and maximize transparency in Publicly Financed Procedures. In January 2009, the Council of Ministers approved Law No. 45, date 21.01.2009 “Për kryerjen e procedurave të prokurimit publik me mjete elektronike” (“For conduction of public procurement procedures by electronic means”), which stipulated that all public procurement procedures shall be performed electronically.

The aim of Electronic Procurement System was to help Albanian Government to fulfill the major goal of reducing corruption and in the same time to offer better transparency to all economic operators that participates in Public Procurement Procedures. It helped to promote efficiency and transparency in public procurement procedures by ensuring a better use of public funds, reducing procedural costs, encouraging economic operators to participate in public procurement procedures, promoting competition among economic operators and increasing public trust and transparency in public procurement procedures.

Infosoft System has been involved through the early life of this project till nowadays providing technical capacities to build a safe and resilient ICT infrastructure for the E-procurement application layer. Through the years, Infosoft Systems supplied, installed, configured and now maintain the hardware infrastructure, resulting today in a modern highly-available architecture, which provides good ground for resiliency and system up-time for more than 99%. Infosoft Systems used its best knowhow and partnership with HPE and Microsoft to provide hardware, operating system and virtualization platform to achieve the desired high availability levels. This project has started since 2009, and through the years, we have maintained, upgraded and supported all underlying infrastructure of the e-procurement application.