“I begin working at Infosoft Systems since March 1997. My first experience in the company was as in the position of Imports Manager. This position intended to manage and supervise the team efficiency for all import related operations, communication with vendors and suppliers from evaluating supplier contracts, managing IT products’ ordering process, ensuring arrival of goods within required timeframe, as well as managing the selection of the forwarding agencies, the insurance issues and checking the compliance with customs procedures and government regulations on import laws.

As company grew day by day, there were challenges how to cope with post-delivery issues, to meet the growing demands for warranty fulfillment obligations towards the clients and vendors, as well as post warranty needs. Infosoft Systems created a new unit to fulfill these increasing demands on post sales.

So after serving several years in Imports Department, my second opportunity and career development within the company was the supervision of this new unit, handling the administration of Authorized Service Provider contracts with vendors, and supervising the team for handling day to day operations for warranty provision and spare parts needs, as well as managing the bid section for all support and service contracts.

Nowadays the company focus is on the services. Beyond support services, my current position covers Resource Management for the Infosoft Technology Team, who is composed of a very qualified and talented staff in charge of the delivery of Infosoft professional services.  This position requires to deliver an optimum balance between supply and demand of professional services, ensuring fulfillment of requests as per the Projects and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It requires to keep a balance between client needs, resource utilization and business objectives.

The career path is easy to be set individually, to have your own desires and goals for the future, but it is not easy to be achieved. To develop yourself and to progress in the career path there are two sides of the medal. From one side there are your individual targets and personal goals for the career development. The other side is the opportunity given from the company, the managerial leverage for the career planning, the assistance in coaching and mentoring in each phase of the career. It works this way at Infosoft Systems.”

Mrs. Edlira Qoku Resource Manager2017 Year of employment: 1997