In order to fully satisfy Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo (RBKO) current and future needs, InfoSoft Systems in cooperation with HP implemented an advanced technical solution.

The network solution has been designed and implemented based on RBKO requirements, vendor’s best practices and InfoSoft Systems expertise.

Implemented solution is divided by logical segments that are based on Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology.

HP virtualization technology Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology extends network control over multiple active switches and routers. Management of a group of IRF enabled switches is consolidated around a single management IP address, which vastly simplifies network configuration and operations.

One IRF member operates as the primary system switch (router), maintaining the control panel and updating forwarding and routing tables for the other devices. If the primary device fails, IRF instantly selects a new primary, preventing service interruption and helping to deliver network, application, and business continuity for business-critical applications.

Within the IRF domain, network control protocols operate as a cohesive whole to streamline processing, improve performance, and simplify network operation. So routing protocols calculate routes based on the single logical domain rather than the multiple switches it represents. Moreover, edge or distribution switches that are dual homed to IRF-enabled core or data center switches “see” the associated switches as a single entity, eliminating the need for slow convergence technologies such as STP.

Project duration

October 2015 – December 2015

Maintenance ongoing


Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo (RBKO)

Technology used

HP MSR3012 AC Router, HP MSR4060 Router Chassis, HP VSR1001 Virtual Services Router E-LTU, HP IMC Std SW Plat w/ 50 Nodes E-LTU, HP Access Switches