Decentralization of local government in Albania is placing higher demands on the Municipalities all around the country, and all face considerable challenges in doing what the local government is expected to do. The decentralization reform has gone through phases, and during the practicing of respective laws, most local governments were enthusiastic to assume additional responsibilities. In the same time, a series of challenges, including staff shortages, inadequate budgets, and weak institutional capacity were the first faced.  The most difficult challenge to resolve is that of local government capacity to fulfill their functional responsibilities. Under these circumstances, USAID Planning and Local Governance Project, invested on different areas. Since 2012, USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project has been helping the Government of Albania establish a system of local governance that meets international standards and practices that positions the country for EU membership. Infosoft Systems and its partners has been responsible to bring to life the main ICT project for Local Governance. The Project is working on the following ICT Application/Information Systems:

  • Local Financial Information Systems to enable better fiscal and financial administration;
  • E-Government Software Tools to enable broader citizen participation and interaction with local governments;
  • Local Tax and Property Tax Information System to improve the accuracy of calculation and the effective collection of local taxes
  • Water Utilities Management Software to improve administration and communication through a Billing and Accounting Water Information System.

Infosoft System introduced Financial Management System, Tax Management System and Water Utilities Management System based on Microsoft Dynamics Navision. Today, there are more than 15 Municipalities that has benefited from the mentioned project. The project was carried on from the Consortium between Infosoft Systems and ikubINFO and a subcontractor company Infosoft Business Solutions. The project scope includes other several software components that glued together valuable information from each Municipality; a Central Database, hosted at National Agency for Information Society (NAIS) which is fed with specific information from the local systems and interacts with the Government Gateway, to enable secure data validation and exchange between local government and central government through the Enterprise Service Bus.

Infosoft Systems responsibilities:

  • Project Management services, implementing a Project Body and techniques
  • Providing all infrastructure equipment and related implementation services
  • Business analyses in the area of Taxation, Finance and Billing System
  • Data analyses, data validation and migration from different obsolete sources of data already in place in municipalities
  • Development and testing of the software.
  • Training preparation and delivery with on-line and video streaming sessions.
  • Warranty and maintenance services for the hardware infrastructure

Project Duration
May 2012- ongoing
Maintenance ongoing

15+ Municipalities all around Albania


Technology used
HPE Server and Storage, Cisco Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics Navision Microsoft Windows Server 2012, MS Hyper-V virtualization platform, Microsoft .Net 4.5 (Asp.Net, C#), Sql Server 2012,