The Interoperability Layer for the Government of Albania was implemented within the EU funded project “Support to the Ministry for Innovation and ICT and to the National Agency for Information Society aimed at developing IT infrastructure and e-Government services in Albania”. The goal of this project was to contribute to building and developing the e-Government Infrastructure that improves the efficiency and the transparency of public administration whilst ensuring personal data protection in line with EU standards. It has been implemented in consortium with the Italian company CSI Piemonte.

The implemented solution is based on the “Government Gateway Solution’ developed by Microsoft and deployed successfully in various countries. This choice strongly reduced the risk linked to the custom software development of such a technological product.

The Government Gateway is based on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Department Integration Server (DIS), which constitute the core architecture based on which is possible to integrate all internal governmental electronic systems.

The ESB Core (Government Gateway Core) is the heart of the Information Interchange Layer (Interoperability layer) architecture. The GG Core permits the communication between all internal government institutions electronic information systems and the main government portal. Achieving this goal, GG Core communicates with Active Directory, CA Server (for digital certificates) integrated with National Agency for Information Society PKI infrastructure, s-Mail based on Exchange Server and SMS Server. It also provide the possibility to smoothly migrate old style communication between existing government information systems. The GG core coordinates stores and monitors the states of all sorts of electronic messages that are exchanged between internal systems with each other and between main portal and internal systems.

The Department Integration Server is a component of the e-Gov Interoperability Architecture. Every internal government electronic information system communicates with GG Core by a DIS system. This system permits the message exchange between the GG Core and internal backend systems. This means that every government institution has to have a DIS in order to enable communication of their internal information systems with other agencies information systems. The DIS component is based on BizTalk server technology and a messaging mechanism of publish/subscribe.

As a result, the Albanian Government can expose electronic services and makes them accessible by a central e-Government portal for citizens, private businesses and public administration organizations.

This architecture is flexible, scalable and reliable for adding new services.


The solution contains set of modules which provide unique pieces of functionality. On the high level the Government Gateway solution has three major parts:

  • Registration and Enrolment Module
  • Transaction and Messaging Module
  • Remote Adapter – Department Integration Server (DIS) or Adapter for Government Gateway (AGG)


The Government Gateway solution supports the Single-Sign-On strategy, which makes possible that every entity receives one e-Government identity. On the other hand, the solution supports interactions with separate government services that require identifiers that are specific for that service, such as a tax number, a social security or national insurance number or a company registration number (known facts or knowledge bases Authentication).


The interoperability architecture is implemented through installation and configuration of MS BizTalk Server 2010. The main activities performed consists on:

  • Installing IIS (Web Servers) Farm and BizTalk Hosts;
  • Configurations IIS Farm and BizTalk Hosts;
  • Development GG integration DIS components;
  • Some development necessary to integrate the GG Core architecture with the Portal and the internal electronic systems that expose e-services to the government portal.

This platform provides also auditing and monitoring capabilities that allows the administrators to audit the events and actions that have happened during the course of execution.  The Government Gateway handles high volume of transactions and daily operations, developers support, planning of the future extensions, finding week points and other tasks that require exact knowledge of the whole life of message inside of the system.