The “Government Data Center” is the first big project in the field of ICT implemented for the Albanian public administration, as part of the “Digital Albania” program. This center, established in line with international standards is the main point of information technology infrastructure, at “TIER 3” level (high level for Data Centers) serving local and central institutions.

This center is established at the National Agency for Information Society, in line with international contemporary standards and provides integration and centralization of all online government services. It has a surface of 672 m², including 11 environments for technical infrastructure, monitoring and security of electronic services, offering more than 25 centralized government services for about 176 public administration institutions, among which are Council of Ministers, all line ministries and their dependent institutions and agencies. In order to monitor these services and the government network, 9 systems have been set up to manage and monitor in real time all the problems of this modern technology infrastructure.

The Government Data Center offers to each line ministry, as well as agencies, costs optimization, because it gives the possibility to use a unique infrastructure based on the best standards, avoiding unnecessary and excessive expenses needed to create separate infrastructures.

This environment hosts all the government’s electronic systems, guaranteeing them availability 24 hours per day service, 7 days per week. It constitutes the base to support and ensure the electronic interaction of electronic systems. All this infrastructure, built according the most contemporary standards, facilitates the centralization and integration of all the government’s online services offered through a variety of digitalized systems among which the most important that have the greatest impact are Civil State National Register, electronic platforms such as e-Tax, e-Procurement, e-Customs, e-Driving License, e-State Matura, Electronic Document and Record Management System for the Albanian line ministries and Prime Minister’s Office, the unique government portal e-Albania and the Payment Gateway.

Some of the most important services that are offered through this modern Data Center are:

  • Colocation, physical hosting space for the public administration institutions. Through this modern datacenter, the most optimal conditions for energy, cooling, connectivity and physical and logical security are provided for these devices.
  • Hosting of official web portals.
  • Private Cloud infrastructure services.