The Government of Kosovo (GoK) has concluded an agreement with the International Development Association (IDA) to finance the Real Estate Cadaster and Registration Project (RECAP).

KCA Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services are hosted in the one datacenter at KCA premises THAT are business critical to organization. The datacenter is managed by KCA IT Directorate staff. The role of IT in KCA projects extends from professional-technical and management operations, as well as regular maintenance of the ICT infrastructure including operating procedures for disaster recovery.

KCA has undertaken measures that the computerized system will be functional at all times or the eventual disruptions are shortening as well as in cases of natural disasters or caused by human factor.

In line with this, KCA intends to upgrade-extend the existing ICT infrastructure in order to increased performance of Geoportal and implement National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) technical infrastructure as well as build an ICT Disaster Recovery Centre/Solution to minimize the impact of catastrophic datacenter and/or systems failures in Pristina, so KCA will be able to either maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions. The disaster recovery solution shall fulfil requirements and serves as the secondary site for KCA ICT services, for the organization’s staff including MCOs in the event that a disaster destroys all or part of the those systems. The solution shall also fulfil requirements as secondary site for ICT services during restoration stage of the primary site in case of any interruption. The base requirements to upgrade-extend the existing (primary) site and build the ICT Disaster Recovery capabilities are defined in the technical requirements section and thus provide the necessary resilience and continuity of critical ICT services to the organization in the event of a major site outage.

The Extension-Upgrade of ICT Infrastructure includes hardware and software required (at primary site) and implementation of Disaster recovery solution between the existing SAN storage system.

Project duration
February 2016 – May 2016
Maintenance ongoing

Kosovo Cadastral Agency

Technology used

Blade Enclosure, Blade Servers (High Performance Servers), Data Backup Solution (Hardware and Software), Integrated Backup Solution (Hardware and Software) for virtualization system, Core Network Switch, Access Switch, Firewall, Web Filtering, Access Control, Routing, VPN Solution, Proxy Load Balancer, Monitoring software for server and network infrastructure and services, Rack Cabinet, KVM Console and Monitor and KVM Switch, TV, Storage solution for Secondary (DR) Site,        Blade Enclosure, Blade Servers (High Performance Servers),Firewall system between sites (Primary and Secondary – DR), Rack Server (Same brand as Blade System), KVM Console and Monitor and KVM Switch (Same brand as Blade System), Virtual Management Server for Virtual Infrastructure, Hypervisor Licenses, Replication Manager for  Virtual Infrastructure (Licenses for Primary and Secondary Sites