As a leader in solution providing and IT services in Albania, minimizing our impact in the environment is one of our business priorities.

The Environmental Policy Objectives of InfoSoft Systems are: to maximize the efficiency of resources and to reduce different types of waste, by ensuring an effective use of energy, water and non-renewable resources. By focusing in a comprehensive approach, our goal is to ensure an accurate environmental administration throughout our activities. We also acknowledge to have a role in communicating the best environmental practises to all the main parties.

IS will work with the employees, partners, suppliers and clients to convey the environmental policy objectives. To achieve these objectives, InfoSoft Systems will:

    – Constitute and support a SP&M Management Committee. The Committee’s goal is to reach the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System’s performance by setting and reviewing regularly its objectives and targets.
– Maintain the Environmental Management System in accordance with the SSH EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, by incorporating the  procedures for a continuous improvement, will ensure conformity with the environmental legislation in force and other environmental  requirements and also prevention of the environmental pollution.
– Develop and implement the monitoring and measuring program for energy usage.
– Measure, manage and reduce the impact of the personnel business travels.
– Encourage the recycling and reuse of the recyclable materials, meanwhile trying to reduce, as much as it is possible, the consumption of all material everywhere.
– Try to reduce the water and energy consumption by implementing the efficiency of devices and data centers.
– Closely collaborate with employees to develop and implement initiatives for improving the environment.
– Improve the environmental support of our supply chain and seek for environmental friendly suppliers, if that is practical in our
business practice.
– Encourage and engage with suppliers and contractors that are effectively minimizing their impact in the environment.
– Offer an ecologically healthy working place for employees and set  standards that promote friendly processes towards the environment and also materials which meet and improve the existing standards of safety.
– Communicate our Environmental Policy and our engagement to the best environmental practices to our employees, clients and third parties, and publish them for the general public.