The Treasury System aims to strengthen public financial management in Albania in compliance with the European Partnership and the National Strategy for Development and Integration. The project is in line with the expected results foreseen in The Strategy for Public Finances 2008-2013 “Improvement of the quality of reporting, transparency in the execution of the state budget and management of public funds, through the modernization of Treasury System and implementation of a new computerized system”. It has been financed by World Bank (WB) and maintained by the State Budget.

The Treasury System is a specific Oracle Financial system (customized and parameterized for Albania) which covers and keep trace of all steps of a public transaction (from commitments to payments). It has improved the management of government resources from budgetary institutions, data quality and transparency for the preparation and execution of the budget.

Infosoft Systems’ activities under this project were as follows:

  • Installation, Configuration, Upgrade of Treasury System, and Data Migration;
  • Supply of Network and IT Equipment
  • Upgrade on the networking platform of routers, firewalls, switches etc
  • Upgrading the security hardware and software
  • Maintenance services (ongoing)


Technology:        Oracle E-Business suite, Database, iAS, Purchasing, Discoverer

Project Duration:         May 2012- Sep 2013, April 2015

Beneficiary:            General Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance