The ongoing struggle against fiscal evasion, economic crime and corruption, has always been one of the highest priority challenges of the government. Through the years the Tax Administration System has obviously faced challenges to accomplish its responsibilities and in the same time to have control over the economic crime and evasion. That is why the Albanian government found crucial to embrace the European experience in implementing electronic system for the Tax Administration, as most of European countries have done in years. Priority is given to internal control in combating fiscal evasion. It was intended that in the medium term all self-declaration payments should be “on-line” by avoiding administrative bureaucracy and significantly reducing business time.

e-Taxation is a major project initiated by the Albanian Government and supported by international financial organizations, which aimed the modernization of software infrastructure at the Albanian Central Tax Administration. The main goal was the successful implementation of the core system for Tax Administration. The core system supports all the processes of departments of Tax Administration, in compliance with the actual fiscal legislation. The project included the implementation of a complementary system that serves as the interface of the Tax Administration to the taxpayers, which provides an easy and quick access to the relevant fiscal services. Both systems interact and support operations such as:

  • Online filing of return sheets for 12 tax types.
  • Return sheets automatic processing of taxpayers’ and Tax Administration’s liabilities.
  • After interfacing with the Treasury system, automatic processing of payments.
  • Accounting of all transactions related to taxpayers.
  • Automatic risk analysis, to detect potential noncompliant taxpayers.
  • Reporting platforms to support operations and decision making.
  • Taxpayers’ electronic documents management.

Infosoft System engagement in this important project has been:

  • To provide all necessary hardware infrastructure and its configuration to achieve a resilient and fault free operative environment.
  • To supply necessary COTS Software
  • To analyze, gather business requirements and supportive data in order to build some of the Taxation Information System modules
  • Software design
  • Our team has been responsible for the development and testing of the software modules
  • Migration and data cleaning from the obsolete system already in place in General Directorate of Taxation in Albania.
  • Project Management services
  • Training preparation and delivery for different users and administrator levels.
  • Backstopping services.
  • Ensuring the exert of warranty services for the entire hardware infrastructure

Project Duration

May2013 – December 2014

Maintenance ongoing



General Directorate of Taxation


Albanian Government in collaboration with Austrian Government

Technology used

HPE Server and Storage, Cisco Technologies, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, MS Hyper-V virtualization platform, Microsoft .Net 4.5 (Asp.Net, C#), Sql Server 2012, Sharepoint 2013.