The “e-Permission” is a centralized multifunctional system for construction permits, built for the National Agency of Territory Planning and is hosted in the Government Data Center, in the National Agency of Information Society premises.

The system exposes its relevant electronic services for citizens and businesses through the government portal, e-Albania. The online application can be digitally signed through the functionalities of the electronic ID cards, offered by Aleat Company.

There is no need for the citizens to presents physically in different institutions since the system provides the possibility to register by them self and follow all the steps: fill the application, submit it and check the status of the application. This is one of the biggest benefit of this systems, the facilitation of the application procedures for construction permits.

As it is a centralized system, it is accessed from different institutions, including 61 local government units and other relevant institutions involved in the decision-making process, through their respective accounts with username and password. The system is composed of two modules: planning and application. Every citizen or business representative can be informed about territory planning or can apply for a construction or development permit online, through the respective account in the government portal, e-Albania.

This system exchanges information with other institutions electronic registers or systems to verify or to get data automatically, through the government interoperability platform (government gateway), such as:

  • Consultation with the National Civil Status Register for the personal data of the applicants, through the Personal ID;
  • Consultation with the National Business Center for the business entities data, through the business entity identification number;
  • Consultation with the National Business Center for the data related to the technical directors’ licenses, through the license number;
  • Consultation with the Immovable Properties Registration Office for the identification of the land location for which the application is submitted, through the estate number.

It also offers application status tracking in each phase, through the e-Tracking system.

Supporting interoperability of different government bodies, the following results have been achieved:

  • Improvement of the business climate by facilitating the process and the related procedures of the applications for development and construction permits;
  • Time saving by centralizing all the steps in one single platform, without the need for the citizens to go from an institution to another.
  • Administrative cost savings associated with the bureaucratic procedures of each institution;
  • Accuracy of the data of the applications, which are automatically filled in the application though the systems of the responsible institutions;
  • Reduction of corruption practices, reduction of delays and increase of the level of responsibility of the institutions involved on all the steps of the process.

The software is supported by a physical infrastructure composed of 3 servers for the application, database and mail server and a Department Integration Server (DIS) server for communication with the Government Gateway.