Pension Calculation and Assignment Management System (PCAMS) enables the Social Insurance Institute in Albania to automate the assignment and calculation process of the pensions. It allows registration, management and assignment of short/long term pensions, Special state and Supplementary State pensions.

The project has been financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, in accordance with the Cross-cutting Strategy for the Information Society 2008-2013 and Law no.7703, date 11.5.1993 “For Social Insurance in the Republic of Albania”.

This project has increased the quality of work, accuracy of calculation and uniformity of law enforcement, and has improved the management of SSI funds.

Infosoft Systems involvement consisted in:

  • Design, development and implementation Services;
  • Pension Calculation and Assignment Management System
  • Pension Calculation Management System as a centralized database
  • Identity Management solution;
  • Business Process Management;
  • Reports and Statistics Server software;
  • Relational Database Management System for SII
  • Antivirus System
  • Data Center Room including Fire Detection, Alarm, Security Access System, Raised Floor, Cooling, Uninterruptable Power Supply etc.
  • Data Center Security, Firewall, Operation Management, Load Balancing, Backup Policy. 

Technologies from the following manufacturers: HP, ORACLE, KEMP
Project Duration: June 2011/February 2012
Beneficiary: Social Insurance Institute