The e-Inspection system is built for the Central Inspectorate of Albania. It is a unique web based platform that has improved efficiency and effectiveness of the inspection processes in the Republic of Albania. It provides coordination and supervision, not only of the activities of the Central Inspectorate, but also of all state and local inspectorate. The e-Inspection portal is integrated with the government e-Albania portal and with the government network. This platform provides communication with other electronic systems through the government interoperability platform.

The e-Inspection system is a powerful tool for the daily operations of all levels of inspection structure in Albania that has facilitated inspectors work. It covers all the phases of the inspection processes which include: programming of inspection agenda, risk management, coordination of inspections between different inspectorates and monitoring of each inspection performed.

The e-Inspection platform covers all the necessary information needed to prepare and conduct an inspection and provide the inspectors with all the needed information, according to the EU standard model of performing inspections. It is a customized solution built according Albanian inspection legal framework, in line with EU best practices, directives and regulations. It covers four main areas:

The information area, which includes all the legislative and regulatory framework information, inspectorates’ structures, inspectors’ data, inspection activity reports and all other information that must be public.
The Inspection Management Process Area, which includes all working tools needed to automatize the inspection process, from planning to inspection and making decisions (including inspection subject claims, appeal, etc.).
The Inspection Audit Functionalities area, which includes analyzing and reporting tools to monitor the inspection process in Albania, through the establishment of mechanisms for the control of plans realization and inspection quality assurance.
The Interoperability and Communication area, which includes all the procedures, workflows and services needed for data exchange between e-Inspection Information System and all other existing Information System, including the government e-Albania portal, through the national interoperability platform (Government Gateway).
By supporting synchronized activities of different government bodies, the following results have been achieved:

improvement of the inspection control quality in Albania;
fast, accurate and adequate data availability for decision making;
improvement of the transparency of the inspection system and public information;
reduction of administrative burden for business;
reduction of corrupting practices.
The Central Inspectorate is the institution in charge for the e-Inspection administration and maintenance, but the system is also accessed by all the state inspectorates, according to the respective legal acts.

E-Inspection is a web application, accessible from the internet by the authorized inspectors, including users from the Central Inspectorate, subordinate inspectorates and responsible ministries for the inspectorates, the system administrator. The solution is built on a flexible multiple layer architecture that allows grouping of similar functionalities, so that possible changes or extension in the future do not affect the entire system.

The e-Inspection system is developed based on the platforms below:

Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Framework 3.5
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Sharepoint 2010
e-Inspection is integrated with the authentication system through the e-Albania portal, according to the communication standards of Government Gateway (the government interoperability platform).

It is accessed through its simple and user friendly interface and by using the most popular web browsers, only within the intranet of the above institutions, the Government Network, called GovNet, which provide all the necessary protection mechanisms from intrusion and external attacks, network traffic protection and malware filtering.

All the inspectors are equipped with the necessary mobile devices such as notebooks and portable multifunctional printers, to accomplish onsite inspections registering data online in the mobile version of the application and communicate instantly with the e-Inspection system.

The physical infrastructure supporting the e-Inspection system is collocated in the Private Cloud Computing of the Government Data Center, in the National Agency of Information Society premises and is composed by 2 environments, the production and the testing environments. The Production environment is composed by the below components:

Virtual Application Server where Sharepoint 2010 and e-Inspection application are installed and where the dynamic content of the system is generated. This content is available to the users through the web servers.
1 Virtual Database Server where the database and SQL server 2008 are installed.
2 Virtual Web Servers hosting the static content of the e-Inspection application which is provided from the application server also and providing access to the government –Albania portal.
1 Mail Server which is used to send emails from the system to its end users.
The Test environment has the same architecture as the Production, with lower but similar capacities.