by | Oct 22, 2018


Government Program -2017

The Albanian Government has initiated a major program for the modernization of the ICT Infrastructure for Public Health Services since early 2008. It all started with the aim to improve the service response and increase the patient’s satisfaction as well as to reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency of these crucial services. There have been ICT projects undergoing in different Public Health institutions, such as Ministry of Health. Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, Primary care, Regional Hospitals and Tertiary Hospitals. The envisaged strategic priority areas in this regards are:

  • strengthening people-centered health systems
  • improved governance and cross-sector cooperation for health
  • Integrated digital health system
  • Electronic Medical records
  • Increase transparency
  • Electronic Prescription system

So far the government with the aid of different investors like Austria Government, EU, World Bank, has invested and undertaken in the following initiative, whereas Infosoft Systems has been involved as an active partner:

  • Improved access to the health system system through the release of health card
  • Nationwide electronic health records
  • E-prescription
  • Hospital management information system
  • E-signature
  • Administration of medical drugs registration system
  • Management of human resource and medical assets system

These Information systems has been integrated online  with other IT systems such as Civil Register, -e-Pension, Social Assistance, Tax register etc

Infosoft Systems has been responsible partner in many or the abovementioned projects.

NATIONWIDE Electronis Health Records

This was a join investment of Albanian Government and Austrian Government summing up to more than 10 mln eur.  Infosoft System was in charge for the supply, installation and configuration of the network and datacenter infrastructure all around Albania, covering more than 80 health institutions. Our team of engineers delivered a Federated Architecture with high level of security for health data. Our team of developers was in charge for the business analyses, design and development of certain software modules, as well as the online integration with other governmental institutions. We provided backstopping and administrative support for the project and provided local support for the project management body of the project.  Infosoft System together with its partners is now maintaining the overall infrastructure and application as part of a five years’ maintenance contract.


The second nation-wide project