by | Oct 22, 2018


E-government program in Albania has come to life in 2008, as a joint investment from Albanian Government and several foreign partners such as EU, World Bank, USAID etc.

Developments for e-government dated 2008 and still ongoing. The focus areas are central government and specifically in Government-to-Business, Government-to-Government and Government-to-Citizens in the late years. The investment was comprehensive and included the creation of many Information Systems, among them; The National Registration Center; e-Taxation; e-procurement; e-Customs; e-Education and e-Health. These Information Systems were backed up by an expanding National Central Datacenter and GovNET Infrastructure. The e-government program has been boosted with the implementation of the Government Gateway and Enterprise Service Bus in 2011-2014 followed by an e-services portal and Government Payment Gateway. During the last 3 years, there has been significate progress in the development of local government information systems as well, including the creation of Information Systems for Tax and Finance Management for the Municipalities and all-embracing Information portals with e-kiosks facilities for the citizens. The latest course of the e-Gov program has been set toward building One Stop Shop and Self-Service Centers when businesses and citizens can get informed and obtain all the services provided by the governmental entities.


The “e-Permission” is a centralized multifunctional system for construction permits, built for the National Agency of Territory Planning and is hosted in the Government Data Center, in the National Agency of Information Society premises. The system exposes its...


The main purpose of this project was to automate activities of General Directorate of Road Transport Services (GDRTS) and its thirteen regional branches in Albania. The implemented systems have helped GRDTS improve its services, process Citizens and Business...

VoIP System

The Kosovo Security Force (KSF) is a new, professional, multi-ethnic, lightly armed and uniformed Security Force that is subject to democratic, civilian control. The Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force (MKSF) is responsible for exercising civilian control over the...