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Server Virtualization

Technology which helps to make better use of hardware resources through the use of hypervisor systems, and facilitates management by centralizing multiple objects in numbers, such as Virtual Machines and Containers.

Storage Virtualization

Technology which helps to make better use of storage resources by creating Virtualized logical pools distributed across a large range of servers, and creating ease of use of storage resources by virtual objects such as Virtual Machines and Containers.

Backup and Restore, Archiving Technologies

Systems that allows periodical savings, archiving and the possibility of going back in time of inrastructural objects and data on them, such as Disk, Physical Server, Virtualized Server, Virtual Object, Database Instance, Mail Platform, Document Management System and more. Ability to schedule timestamps for backup and restore at certain times according to the criticality of the service for the method of data recovery either in local infrastructure or in the Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions

Virtualized and classic legacy stack, consisting of all hardware and software components, cenralized management platforms and security to provide Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service as per customers needs. With the ease in periodic payments according to the use (on-demand payment) and with the possibility of distribution of services in different geographical locations without physical intervention. Technology that helps to work the data in a safe and easily scalable elastic environment.


“Achieve goals with the freedom and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy applications anywhere. Use of preferred languages, frameworks, and infrastructure—even your own datacenter and other clouds—to solve challenges large and small.”

Data-Center and Infrastructure

IBM PowerVM is server virtualization without limits. PowerVM server virtualization consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems, increasing server utilization and reducing cost. PowerVM provides a secure and scalable server virtualization environment for AIX®, IBM i and Linux applications built upon the advanced RAS features and leading performance of the Power Systems™ platform.

Data-Center and Infrastructure

“IBM VM Recovery Manager for Power Systems is an easy-to-use, economical high availability and disaster recovery solution. Automation software, installation services help you streamline the process of recovery. Built-in functionality can decrease the need for expert-level skills, shorten your recovery time objective, improve your recovery point objective, optimize backups, and better manage growing data volumes.”

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We are offering a platform for delivering virtual desktops and apps efficiently and securely across hybrid cloud for the best end-user digital workspace experience.

Storage Infrastructure

IBM Spectrum Virtualize is a key member of the IBM Spectrum Storage portfolio. It is a highly flexible storage solution that enables rapid deployment of block storage services for new and traditional workloads, on-premises, off-premises and in a combination of both. Designed to help enable cloud environments, it is based on the proven technology.

Storage Infrastructure

 IBM Spectrum Control is a comprehensive solution that cansignificantly improve monitoring and analytics capabilities inmulti-vendor storage environments. IBM Spectrum Controlhelps manage storage systems, software-defined storage,storage-area network (SAN) fabrics and devices. Storage canbe seen from multiple perspectives, including departmental,application and server view.