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InfoSoft Systems, specialized in system integration, provides technological consultation, implementation
and support services to small, medium and large size organizations.
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InfoSoft Systems, specialized in system integration, provides technological consulta tion, implementation and support services to small, medium and large size organizations. Successful and challenging in the region, a recognized leader in Albania, with more than 27 years of experience, InfoSoft Systems continues to collaborate with clients, helping them expand and grow their businesses. Utilizing the newest, state-of-the-art technologies available through our global partners, InfoSoft Systems is enriching, enhancing yet simplifying the communication channels, making the information accessible any where, anytime.

Our vision encompasses four elements which are regarded important keys to our success. To maintain and strengthen our leader position in the market by: Meeting all customer demands with dedication in providing quality service,
Attaining vast expertise in new and state-of-the-art technologies, Motivating the success and professional development of our employees, Operating based on our core values and the highest standards of business ethics. For many years we have been the one of the most important companies that brought innovation and future standards in the business activity.


Founded in 1991, InfoSoft Systems has grown rapidly to become the number one company in Albania focusing on System Integration. Innovation and attention to detail has enabled InfoSoft Systems to provide computing solutions and services of the latest technology to private and public Albanian institutions. The pursuit for growth has led InfoSoft Systems to begin providing these services to the Kosovo market in 2003 and the Macedonian market in 2008. It was during 2008 that InfoSoft Systems became established as the only Albanian company where 100% of its shareholders are Albanian.

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InfoSoft Systems has built strong partner relationships with major world-known companies in order to bring the best solutions for its clients. We utilize these partnerships to keep our ideas and knowledge up-to-date and at the highest levels of the partnership. Thus, InfoSoft Systems is able to offer the newest technologies in favor of a client’s business advantage. Partners are selected through an evaluation of how they can assist our customer’s needs, as well as meet our quality and performance standards. Their products and services serve as the interface not only of the brand they carry but also complement InfoSoft Systems’ values and strengths in delivering successful results.