Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Firewall Services Module

This is a high-speed, integrated firewall module for Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches and Cisco 7600 Series routers. It provides the fastest firewall data rates in the industry:

    - 5-Gbps throughput
    - 100,000 CPS
    - 1M concurrent connections

Up to four FWSMs can be installed in a single chassis, providing scalability to 20 Gbps per chassis. Based on Cisco PIX Firewall technology, the Cisco FWSM offers to service providers unmatched security, reliability, and performance.

The Cisco FWSM includes a number of advanced features that help reduce costs and operational complexity while enabling organizations to manage multiple firewalls from the same management platform. Features such as resource manager helps organizations limit the resources allocated to any security context at any time thus ensuring that one security context does not interfere with another. The transparent firewall feature configures the FWSM to act as a Layer 2 bridging firewall resulting in minimal changes to network topology.

The Cisco FWSM also offers:

    - An integrated module: Installed inside a Cisco Catalyst
      6500 Series Switch or Cisco 7600 Internet Router, the FWSM
      allows any port on the device to operate as a firewall port and
      integrates firewall security inside the network infrastructure
    - Compatibility with future versions: The FWSM can handle
      up to 5 Gbps of traffic, providing unsurpassed performance to
      meet future requirements without requiring a system
      overhaul. Up to three additional FWSMs can be added to the
      Catalyst 6500 to achieve 10 Gigabit plus scalability
    - Enhanced reliability: The FWSM is based on Cisco PIX
      technology and uses the same time-tested Cisco PIX
      Operating System, a secure, real-time operating system
    - Lower cost of ownership: The FWSM offers among the
      best price to performance ratios of any firewall. Since FWSM
      is based on the Cisco PIX Firewall, the cost of training and
      management is lower, and because it is integrated in the
      chassis, there are fewer boxes to manage
    - Ease of use: The PIX Device Manager's (PDM) intuitive
      graphical user interface (GUI) can be used to manage and
      configure the features within the FWSM. The FWSM can now
      be managed using the Adaptive Security Device Manager
      (ASDM) V5.2F as well
    - Efficiency and productivity gains: Virtualized FWSM
      delivers multiple firewalls on one physical hardware platform.
      Network administrators can configure, deploy, and manage
      these functions as if they were separate devices. Using
      virtualization to reduce the number of physical devices in a
      network significantly reduces the cost and complexity of
      managing network infrastructure