Fortinet FORTIMAIL-400B

Fortinet FORTIMAIL-400B is a messaging security gateway that gives you unmatched deployment options: Transparent, Gateway, and Server. These three options help meet organization's security requirements and budget, minimizing infrastructure improvements and service disruptions. With a quick-start setup wizard and basic-mode GUI, the FortiMail-400B brings the simplicity of deployment and use that medium-sized organizations need. The device-based licensing eliminates costly per-user licensing fees and ensures uninterrupted service as your network grows.

Fortinet's FortiGuard Security Services automatically update FortiMail's spam recognition methodologies against the latest threats, ensuring the most up-to-date protection for your network. The FortiMail-400B appliance makes it easy for you to ensure the availability and security of your critical communications medium.

The benefits of Fortinet FORTIMAIL-400B are as follows:

    - Flexible deployment options (Transparent, Gateway, and
      Server) adapt to organizational needs and budget,
      minimizing infrastructure improvements and service
    - Device-based licensing ensures opportunity to grow without
      incurring costly user-based licensing fees
    - FortiGuard subscription services deliver dynamic updates to
      antispam and antivirus functionality automatically, through
      intelligence gathered by Fortinet's dedicated global threat
      research team
    - Helps achieve regulatory compliance by facilitating the
      storage and archiving of messages directly to FortiMail or to
      external storage
    - Quick-start setup wizard and basic-mode GUI improve the
      simplicity of deployment and management
    - Integrated security with no per-user pricing delivers complete
      multi-layered antivirus, antispam, antispyware, and
      antiphishing security protection for an unlimited number of
      users or mailboxes
    - Internal storage enables local archive of message content
    - Software RAID storage management ensures availability of
      archived content
    - High availability (HA) options for increased reliability
    - Reduces burden on network and system resources by
      stopping threats before they reach end-users
    - Specialized MTA engine delivers high peak capacity,
      intelligent routing, QoS, virtualization, and inbound and
      outbound SMTP routing for maximum messaging
    - Integrated logging and reporting engine provides visibility
      into messaging usage, quarantine statistics, and other
      management information
    - Device-based licensing eliminates per-user fees to
      significantly lower entry cost and ongoing maintenance costs
    - Delivers complementary, layered protection (when used in
      conjunction with FortiGate appliances) that provides
      messaging security and separates low-latency perimeter and
      high-latency email functions for more efficient operation