Fortinet FORTIMAIL-3000C

Fortinet FORTIMAIL-3000C is a powerful messaging security for carriers and service providers. It is built with the same form factor as FortiMail-2000B, but with an extra CPU, more RAM (16G) and a fiber interface to meet the needs of more demanding customers. The FortiMail-3000C can process up to 1.2 million emails per hour with full antivirus and antispam filtering, inspecting inbound and outbound messages without affecting performance, approximately a 20% performance increase comparing to FortiMail-2000B.

The FortiMail-3000C enables local storage of messages and content to facilitate policy compliance. Its two TB of storage (user upgradable to 6 TB) reduces the need to deploy and configure additional storage devices or services.

Thebenefits of Fortinet FORTIMAIL-3000C are as follows:     - Device-based licensing eliminates per-user fees to       significantly lower entry cost and ongoing maintenance       costs     - Delivers complementary, layered protection (when used in       conjunction with FortiGate appliances) that provides       messaging security and separates low-latency perimeter and       high-latency email functions for more efficient operation     - Identity-Based Encryption delivered in the option of push       and pull ensures secure delivery of confidential or regulated       content. No additional hardware or software to install, no       user provisioning, no pre-enrollment for recipient, making       FortiMail IBE extremely easy to deploy     - Customized and predefined dictionaries detect the accidental       or intentional loss of confidential or regulated data. Aids in       PCI/DSS, HIPAA compliance     - Antispam gateway that retrieves endpoint information       enables Carriers and Service Providers to block spamming       endpoints (including smart phones), preventing blacklisting of       legitimate subscribers. gateway     - High availability (HA) options for increased reliability     - Flexible deployment options (Transparent, Gateway, and       Server) adapt to organizational needs and budget,       minimizing infrastructure improvements and service       disruptions     - Specialized MTA engine delivers high peak capacity,       intelligent routing, QoS, virtualization, and inbound and       outbound SMTP routing for maximum messaging       performance     - Integrated logging and reporting engine provides visibility       into messaging usage, quarantine statistics, and other       management information     - FortiGuard subscription services deliver dynamic updates to       antispam and antivirus functionality through intelligence       gathered by Fortinet's dedicated global threat research team