Cisco D9900 Digital Content Multiplexer

Scientific Atlanta's Digital Content Manager (DCM) is an extremely dense, future-friendly multiplexer/video processing platform that can help you launch and manage your digital services - current and future - while giving you freedom and flexibility for your operational needs.

The DCM can help operators:

    - Manage all digital services, economically processing up to
      2,000 standard-definition (SD) or up to 500 high-definition
      (HD) MPEG video streams from a single platform to provide
      operators new flexibility in multiplexing architectures, as
      well as impressive scalability and cost-per-stream points not
      previously available, all in just 2 RU
    - Optimize and manage available network bandwidth,
      especially with the growing popularity of HDTV
    - Deliver more programs over less bandwidth while maintaining
      best-in-class video quality with our next generation transrating
    - Generate new revenue with ad insertion opportunities,
      featuring a seamless splicing capability for many programs,
      including Content-On-Demand
    - Secure content for both broadcast services and video-on-
      demand services - the DCM is DVB SimulCrypt compliant
    - Deliver the network reliability necessary to remain
      competitiv with 1:1 device redundancy as well as service
    - Efficiently process the rapidly growing complexity and
      number of digital video streams while improving overall
      video picture quality
    - Reliably transport over IP networks with Forward Error