Cisco D98xx Series Integrated Reciever Decoders

MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 receivers and decoders are acquisition products with particular feature sets and form factors that matches value with performance for a given application.

In addition to receivers for decoding a single program, there are also applications for multi-decrypt receivers (MDRs) which can decrypt multiple programs from a single transport stream. Our MDR can simultaneously decrypt up to 16 programs and deliver "in-the-clear" MPEG encoded programs. IN addition to L-Band input, we offer several receivers with ASI or IP input interfaces to support applications where the signal is transported trough terrestrial networks instead of over a satellite link.

To ensure security of content, various models of our receivers support PowerVu, DVB or BISS conditional access. In addition, one of our newest receivers supports multiple conditional access (CA) systems and provides a streamlined path for delivering more video over existing satellite bandwidth using DVB-S2, the second-generation standard for digital video broadcasting via satellite.

For specialty, business and private networks, we offer receivers with a very targeted feature set in order to provide the best possible pricing while ensuring that the unique requirements of these applications, such as transmission of auxiliary data, are supported.