Cisco ME 6500 Series

"Cost-Effective Triple-Play and VPN Services"

Ideal for service provider small and remote central offices, these space-saving devices cost-effectively meet the stringent performance, reliability, and quality of service (QoS) requirements for delivery of:

        Triple-play (voice, video, and data) services

VPN services for Ethernet to the home (ETTH), Ethernet to the business (ETTB), and DSLAM aggregation deployments.

The Cisco ME 6524 Ethernet Switch extends advanced MPLS, QoS, Multicast, and IPv6 features into Ethernet access and aggregation networks, enabling scalable and service-rich Gigabit Ethernet access for both fiber and copper deployments.

Some of the highlights of this product are:

    - Small form factor and low power consumption: 1.5 rack units
      and 400 watt device
    - 32 fiber-based Gigabit Ethernet ports
    - Flexible deployment options: scalable Layer 2 services,
      Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Multicast, IPv4,
      and IPv6
    - Robust Multicast for efficient delivery of emerging video
    - Integrated security to help mitigate denial-of-service attacks
      to restrict access to the service provider network, and to
      safeguard subscribers’ and network resources
    - Support for Cisco IOS software modularity to reduce
      unplanned downtime through fault containment and stateful
      process restarts and to simplify software changes through
      subsystem in-service software upgrade (ISSU)

                       Software Feature Images

These images enable new features with a simple software upgrade. Select from two options:

    - Cisco ME 6524 IOS IP Base: Layer 2 feature set, Routing
      Information Protocol (RIP), Enhanced Interior Gateway
      Routing Protocol (EIGRP) stub, comprehensive Multicast
      solution, and advanced QoS
    - Cisco ME 6524 IOS Advanced IP Services: Layer 3 IPv4 and
      IPv6 service, comprehensive MPLS feature set