Cisco Carrier Routing System

"Build the Foundation for the Next-Generation Internet"

Get industry-leading performance, advanced services intelligence, environmentally aware design, and system longevity with the Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS).

Each model uses Cisco IOS XR Software, a unique self-healing, distributed operating system. Models include:

    - Cisco CRS-3, powered by Cisco QuantumFlow Array - a
      chipset architecture engineered in multiple dimensions of
      scale, services, and savings
    - Cisco CRS-1, built on the Cisco Silicon Packet Processor

Packet-based data communications are being replaced by video and rich media crossing the IP Next-Generation Network (NGN) in multiple directions. As part of a medianet, a media-aware Cisco IP NGN, Cisco CRS eases this strain on networks. It efficiently handles the multidirectional traffic of network and data center cloud interactions.

The benefits of Cisco Carrier Routing System are as follows:

    - Delivers continuous operations
    - Scales easily from numerous single-chassis form factors to a
      massive multichassis system, up to 322 Tbps
    - Provides industry-leading efficiency, requiring low power,
      cooling, and rack-space use for intelligent, service-rich
      bandwidth capacity
    - Cisco CRS-3 models build on the CRS-1 models' backward
      and forward compatibility, protecting your existing and
      future investments for decades to come