Prisma II Products

The Scientific Atlanta Prisma II Video Platform enables operators to use their Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network to take advantage of a viable, cost-effective IPTV video delivery solution. By allowing network operators to use existing technologies to drive multiple video streams along fiber, the platform decreases time-to-market, while maximizing opportunities for new revenue streams from video services. Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) Level 3-certified optics provide smooth integration into FTTH networks.

New products in the Prisma II series offer:

    - Baseband digital reverse optics in a new small form factor
    - Extended high-performance, future-friendly heritage of
      Scientific Atlanta's Prisma II analog optics platform
    - Maintenance of backward compatibility with legacy
      Prisma II products
    - Support up to two reverse buses with plans calling for
      implementation of coarse wavelength division multiplexing
      (CWDM) and dense wavelength division multiplexing
    - Versatile, cost-effective video delivery

The new Prisma II extra dense (XD) chassis accommodates up to 16 optical modules in a 3RU chassis that increases density by more than 30 percent over the existing Prisma II chassis. Prisma II multi-wavelength forward optics offer both improved performance and increased capacity for cable operators through enhanced fiber use in forward path transmissions, especially at longer distances.