A Lifetime Opportunity

Investing your talent and skills in professional work conditions like InfoSoft Group companies offer, means to guarantee not only your present but also your future. This makes InfoSoft Group the best choice for your future. At InfoSoft Group, everyone who wishes to become a member of a champions’ team, regardless of age, sex, social status or previous experiences is always welcomed.

Students and Newly Graduates

For students who are close to graduation (juniors or seniors) or newely graduates, Human Resources Departament has built a special program adapted to the professional requirements of each InfoSoft Group company. This program is focused on smoothing their experience of facing the job market reality. We try to assist them from the first steps they take towards this reality much different from the one that they have been used to in the classroom. The process of integrating them in the company begins from an initial interview and  comprehensive testing, for the purpose of selecting the best suitable position for them and continues with completion of all requirements needed for their training and readiness. Recruiting and training this workforce category based on their skills, is a very important company policy of all InfoSoft Group companies.