HR Policy

Below are listed the cornerstones upon which the Department of Human Resources is built for all InfoSoft Group companies.

    - Recruitment of a professional, ambitious and qualified staff
The recruitment process establishes precisely all steps that are followed for the recruitment of a new staff starting from the new job announcement all the way to the professional testing of all candidates. At this point, it is well known what an unsuccessful recruitment means for a company: money and time wasted away. To avoid such costs, through effective recruitment methods and practices we try to select professionals.

    - Employee motivational drive towards advancement of personal skills and growth in work effectiveness.
InfoSoft Group pays special attention to employee motivation. The methods used for staff motivation are specific and depend on actual situations, job position or employee personal characteristics. We make sure that every employee positioned in each of InfoSoft Group's companies feels motivated morally and financially. This is why we are continually up to date with the international progressive practices for employee motivation, altering them to our needs and features.

    - Regular and well documented evaluation of work for every employee based on fulfillment of the job duties as well as motivation.
Performance evaluation process defines in detail the steps taken for periodic evaluation of every employee. The evaluation form includes a considerable number of personal and professional requirements which are taken into account and evaluated on point scale for each employee. A training or motivational plan is drafted based on overall accumulated result.

    - Continual staff training and certification in order to improve performance, stimulate professional growth and accelerate up the career ladder inside the company.
Every employee in each of InfoSoft Group's companies has a training plan which is changeable based on company needs or the requirements of the job position. Different types of training are available including on-the-job training, on-line training, and participation in different professional courses or seminars in and out of the country.