A Workplace Like No Other

InfoSoft Group is a great opportunity for all of those who wish to grow professionally as well as personally. The warm atmosphere that you find the first day you enter the company, makes you feel like you are at home. We offer a modern workplace, comfortable office environment, with easy access to all necessary tools from simple office supplies and equipment to those more specific. Everything is organized and structured in detail without disregarding a single element.

Career growth inside the company

Each company of InfoSoft Group is involved in its employees professional growth. Through various policies, the staff of Human Resources Departament continually encourages them to go up the career ladder within InfoSoft Group companies. Every job opening is announced within the company allowing employees who aspire for a certain position to become favorite candidates against outside ones. On the other hand, the standardization by levels of qualification for every type of position as well as the career tree is a perfect system in guiding towards career growth, initially within their job position and then towards different ones.