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    InfoSoft Group is undoubtedly a dream workplace. Find out why. 

    Lifetime Opportunties

    Investing your talent and skills in a professional working conditions like which InfoSoft Group companies offer, means guaranteeing not only your today but also your tomorrow. More

    Code of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct is considered the "bible" by which every employee is required to conduct their activity on behalf of the relevant company objectives. To download, please click here.

  • Job Announcement

    "The secret of progress and constant growth of InfoSoft Group, is related to the talented people with experience, passion and the strong will to succeed."

    Do you also consider your success as the only option? Are you able to work in a team? Do you want to be part of a leading company in the Albanian market? If Yes, then APPLY NOW!

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    HR Policy

    The cornerstones upon which the Department of Human Resources is built on can be found inside the HR Policy. More




Human Capital - The Most Prized Asset

Efficient recruitment and management of Human Resources are key elements in the success of every business. The progress and continual growth of ten constituent InfoSoft Group companies is based exactly on the talent and work of a staff selected carefully and with high professionalism. This is why, in our point of view, the human capital has been and will remain the most prized asset. It is important to us that everyone is well directed towards the most suitable job position.

Consequently, our slogan is: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work another day!”

This means that we try everything in order to make every employee in each InfoSoft Group's company pleased and passionate about their work. Only this way, mutual success is guaranteed!